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BTL-LP Longprobe

The BTL-LP Longprobe, otherwise known simply as the Y-Wing Longprobe, is a variant of the standard BTL Y-Wing Starfighter used as a reconnaissance and scouting fighter by the Rebel Alliance. The turret, warhead launcher systems, and armor have been removed to make room for a powerful suite of additional sensors and electronic warfare equipment. The gunner position is replaced by a combat systems officer to operate those systems.

TIE/ln Fighter

The most common starfighter in the Galaxy, the TIE/ln is an extremely potent weapon in the hands of an experienced pilot. At the heart of this ship is the P-s4 twin ion engine, an upgraded and refined version of Raith Sienar's original SIE-TIE concept design. This engine contains no moving parts, and its ease of use gives the TIE/ln the best maintenance-to-flight time ratio of any modern mass-production fighter.

TIE/In Interceptor

In many ways, the Empire's extensive TIE Advanced program was little more than a series of experiments undertaken to find the best application for Sienar Fleet Systems' new I-s3a solar ionization reactor. The product of more than a decade of research and development, this power plant so outclassed its predecessors that the standard TIE/ln starfighter configuration simply could not be made to take advantage of it.


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