I wanted to announce this in a video trailer, but as that got delayed a bit news has snuck out in the forums so I'm posting it again here.  The Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD-II) has been completed and is in-game in all its glory and majesty.  The model was completed by Brand-X and textured by Zookeeper, and their hard work has paid off on an absolutely incredible model.  See the Screenshots gallary for a few more pictures.

While some of you may have noticed a new feature that we've been implementing on the website for some time, I'm happy to officially announce our new Starship Database! We've pulled a very large amount of data directly from the game to show you 3d models, ship statistics, and descriptions and background information for each ship that is currently in-game. You can also view lists of ships by various categories, such as rebel, starfighter, etc. Go take a look, and enjoy this small preview bringing us one step closer to a public launch!

Welcome to the new Fate of the Galaxy website! As we ramp up during our final stretch towards a first public release, I'm excited to announce the launch of our new web portal, where we will be adding additional media and information, as well as our central point for news and announcements. Some exciting new features that will be added in the near future include video, in-game screenshots, a ship database, and eventually mod download links. There's already a decent amount of information here as well, so feel free to peruse our content and leave feedback! We hope to keep this site updated frequently with new content, and the new format here will make it far easier to do so.


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