About Fate of the Galaxy

Fate of the Galaxy is a first-person space combat game about the incredible starfighter battles of the Star Wars Original Trilogy. We want to put you directly in the cockpit of an X-Wing or TIE Fighter and let you live the battles yourself. Victory or defeat is up to you, in the most fast paced, exciting, and authentic Star Wars game ever. Choose to follow the career of a pilot for the Rebel Alliance, an Imperial Officer, or a freelancing mercenary during the height of the Galactic Civil War in multiple connected campaigns. Best of all, it's fan-made, not-for-profit, and totally free!

This mod is currently in development, and while the official answer to our release date is when it's done(TM), we believe we're nearing a first public release and will keep the community informed with new announcements in the near future.

For more information, please read the Fate of the Galaxy Wiki Article, originally written by Brand-X.

Fate of the Galaxy (FotG) is a singleplayer and multiplayer total conversion for the FreeSpace 2 SCP engine set in the Star Wars universe. Instead of seeking to recreate the experience of some of the previous LucasArts X-Wing Space Simulation games, we're taking a slightly different approach in basing our mod almost entirely on the Original Trilogy (OT) and striving to reproduce the feel from the space combat scenes in those movies as accurately as possible while still retaining fun and accessible gameplay. The team has gone to great lengths to accurately model the ships as they were seen on screen and we hope you'll find this to be the most authentic and fun Star Wars space combat game ever made.

FotG picks up after a number of previous attempts to create a Star Wars mod for FreeSpace. For several years the "Star Wars Conversion Project" was worked on by various teams and developers, but without any releases. In early 2007, chief1983 took over as project leader, and began to assemble a new team of developers. Choosing the name Fate of the Galaxy, the initial team consisted of chief1983, Brand-X as a modeler and Turambar as a texturer. The initial plan put forward was to use the models and textures that had been completed by previous teams. Soon after the reformation of the mod team, however, it was decided that all new art assets were needed to compete with the high graphical standards of the newer models, and all previously completed ships were discarded.

Work continued on ship models and textures through the next year and a half, as new staff members were added to the development team. In May of 2008, work began on implementing the new ship models into the game and work began on redesigning the feel and pace of the FreeSpace 2 Open engine. Work still continues on the models needed for a campaign and demo release. The story for the campaign will be set at the beginning of the Galactic Civil War and will (hopefully) feature both Alliance and Imperial campaigns.

In early January of 2009, Brand-X experienced a hard drive failure which destroyed all previous models of his, setting the team's art department back significantly. Since then, work has progressed on recreating these models to even higher quality standards.

On June 4th, 2009, the first in-game screenshot of the X-wing starfighter was made public at the Mod Database and at the official FotG forums.

In December of 2018 the team began the first phases of private beta testing. In April of 2019, the private beta tests were stated as nearly concluded.