BTL-A4 Y-wing

Koensayr Manufacturing's BTL Y-wing series is the backbone of the Alliance's fighter force. While early two-man fighter bombers from this family of craft were first seen in Republic service during the Clone Wars, it is the one-man A4 model which does most of the heavy lifting in the Galactic Civil War. Carrying eight proton torpedoes and ion cannons that are the key component of the rebels' capture missions, the Y-wing is what has made the rebellion so successful in commerce raiding, a critical source of income in its early years.

Though slow and unwieldy, the A4 possesses strong shields and a rugged design, making it a resilient target. Because they often return to base with damage that would destroy lesser ships, rebel mechanics generally choose to leave their cumbersome and largely decorative hull plating off, enabling them to perform repairs and maintenance to get the fighter back in space more quickly.

For such an aged and labor-intensive starfighter, the Y-wing has surprised many analysts with how much use it continues to see. Many craft have appeared that can perform some or even most tasks better than it can, but none of them can do everything it does, and the Alliance continually returns to it for a variety of mission profiles. Even the introduction of the B-wing (a rebel-designed bomber with vastly superior primary and secondary firepower) has failed to completely dislodge the Y-wing from its position--the old workhorse's superior speed and handling mean that it is able to go in with limited escort and survive longer than its heavier successor in a dogfight.

BTL-A4 Y-wing
16 m
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