V38 Assault Fighter

Sienar's current platform for starfighter scale technology demonstration is the V38, a highly flexible two or three seat design that resembles a scaled up descendent of the manufacturer's classic Dagger starfighter. Though shielded, hyperspace capable, and armed with a powerful array of laser cannons, the craft's offensive flexibility is hampered by a lack of secondary weapons, so its designation as an Assault Fighter is more a vestige of the planners' original intent than an accurate description of its real-world uses. Whatever visions of glory Raith Sienar had when sketching out the V38, its shortcomings were immediately apparent to the Imperial Starfleet, and the design was quickly dismissed. Fortunately for Sienar, the vessel was granted a new lease on life in the lead up to the introduction of TIE/ln class when it proved to be a perfect testbed for the P-s4 twin ion engine. The V38 had ample room to mount three of these advanced systems along with the necessary diagnostic equipment and technicians to monitor them.

Ever since, this reliable line has been involved in the development of each new member of the TIE series and its associated technologies. Having proved itself an indispensable internal asset to SFS, limited V38 production began alongside the TIE/ln with an eye towards the looming and lucrative TIE Advanced program. Three years to the day after its failed bid to become the Navy's next hyperspace capable assault fighter, Raith Sienar personally and successfully pitched a now far less expensive V38 to the Empire as a testing, training, and long range reconnaissance craft. These ships can now be found in small numbers attached to Strike cruiser groups and other formations that operate far from the Starfleet's main hubs, though the majority of active units in Imperial service are involved in combat evaluation of cutting edge weapons, shielding, and cloaking developments.

V38 Assault Fighter
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