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TIE/In Interceptor Mk.2

Though loved by its pilots, the new TIE Interceptor was not without its problems. Most prominently, many aces being moved over to the new class found that they preferred the standard fighter's chin-mounted laser cannons to the Interceptor's wingtip mounts for precision aiming. While the L-s9.3 laser cannon was built for the chin position slot, the Interceptor did not have sufficient power to maintain a full rate of fire for six laser cannons, even with all power being directed to the weapons. The solution to this problem was replacing the wingtip lasers with blaster cannons, short ranged rapid-fire weapons that are considered to be somewhat inaccurate in any position. Officially, this new Mk.2 configuration is designated as a ground attack platform, and the autoblasters do make it extremely deadly in an antipersonnel role, but in reality some top squadrons fly the Mk.2 regardless of the mission profile.

TIE/In Interceptor Mk.2
10 m
Gun Mounts
Missile Banks