TIE/sa Bomber

Carrying a payload greater than any other fighter currently in service on either side of the Galactic Civil War, the TIE/sa Bomber is the true heavy hitter of the conflict. Although it employs a P-s4 twin ion engine assembly on each side of its dual hulled design, this ship is far more than twice as heavy as its little brothers, even when emptied of ordinance. Because of the poor resultant thrust-to-mass ratio, the TIE/sa is a sluggish and cumbersome vessel, even by Clone Wars standards. What it lacks in speed, however, it more than makes up for in destructive capability. Built to achieve maximum compatibility with current and future weapons systems, the TIE/sa has both a forward facing torpedo/missile launcher and a secondary bay built for high or low altitude bombardment of planetary targets.

Equipped with the advanced S-c3.4 multi-range TAG sensor system, this bomber is able to overcome the electronic jamming systems employed by its targets, delivering its ordinance with unerring accuracy. While many fighter classes carry torpedoes capable of damaging capital ships, these weapons are generally ineffective unless fired in massed volleys. The type of weaponry that can be mounted on the TIE/sa is in a different class--even a single bomber's full payload is capable of crippling or even destroying a light cruiser.

Though far more expensive than standard TIE fighters, the Bomber is still much cheaper than any non-TIE design capable of delivering a similar punch. Steadily dropping cost and continued battlefield effectiveness in spite of advancements in rebel starfighter design and tactics have virtually assured that this ship will remain the Empire's choice for heavy fighter assault for the foreseeable future.

TIE/sa Bomber
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