TIE Advanced X1

The first product of Sienar's TIE Advanced program to see combat was the X1, a true space superiority fighter of the highest quality. Driven by two sets of advanced P-s5.6 twin ion engines, the X1 can run down all but the fastest interceptors while losing only a slight edge in maneuverability to the standard TIE. More importantly, it is as robust and well protected as some light bombers thanks to an armored hull (in contrast with the standard TIE's lightweight approach) and expensive custom shield units built into the flattened trailing wing. The design also features a hyperdrive and navicomputer, allowing for greater tactical flexibility, though in practice its endurance is limited by the vac suits worn by TIE pilots to compensate for their crafts' lack of normal life support systems, making long journeys difficult or impossible.

The other notable disadvantage of the X1 when compared to its rebel counterparts is the absence of a secondary weapon system. While even light fighters often carry some sort of missile or torpedo capable of damaging larger vessels, it was decided that the X1 could not mount such a system without unduly compromising its performance in other areas. This decision is understandable given the level of difficulty the Empire generally experiences in dealing with hostile capital ships compared to starfighters.

Unfortunately for the fighter corps, the X1's exorbitant cost meant that it stood little chance of widespread adoption. Despite this, small scale production was maintained long after the TIE Advanced program had moved on to other projects due to the influence of a single individual, Darth Vader. The performance and purity of the X1 made it a natural fit for the best star pilot in the galaxy, and the reputation this fighter has acquired is such that their appearance is often enough to cause rebel pilots (who refer to them as 'brights') to retreat into hyperspace.

TIE Advanced X1
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