Executor-class Star Destroyer

As the Galactic Empire’s premier command ship, Kuat Drive Yards’ Executor-class easily ranks among the most powerful vessels ever constructed. At over seventeen kilometers in length, this Star Dreadnought outclasses even the lumbering heavy combatants of the Clone Wars, boasting firepower that can only reasonably be compared to full fleets of lesser capital ships. While this ability to dominate any direct engagement is a pleasant luxury for the Imperial Navy, the true power of the class is its ability to function as a mobile sector command headquarters.The Empire’s basic Star Destroyers are flexible units, but they operate best in theaters of system scale or smaller. The historic organization of the Galaxy into sectors reflects thousands of years of close trade and cultural ties between nearby worlds, and the most successful rebel actions in the early days of the New Order were those that coordinated the actions of cells across several worlds, essentially spreading themselves out wider than the widest net a Star Destroyer could cast. In the first few years of the Emperor’s rule, rim sectors would go dark with some frequency, with insurgents sabotaging military infrastructure such as holonet relays. Cut off from instant communication with Coruscant, a Star Destroyer in a dark sector was virtually powerless to stop rebel activities going on right underneath its nose.In order to put down a sector-wide rebellion, the Empire required a mobile base with full intelligence services, able to coordinate the efforts of thousands of probes, scouts, and warships even in the most remote regions. The Executor class carries an automated com scan suite that can create a map of all energy sources and communications within a sector, filtering potential targets by their behavior and cross referencing to a full ISB Galactic database. This information is then passed to an army of highly trained personnel who condense the relevant information and offer regular reports to the command crew. The Executor can then take any action a firmly entrenched sector Moff could to end the rebel resistance, manufacturing any needed hardware on site in its massive factories, safely refueling and resupplying ships as large as Star Destroyers in the most hostile environments, and leaving full permanent garrisons of ground troops wherever it deems necessary. In a Galaxy full of places to hide, the Executor class gives its targets no other choice but to run.

Executor-class Star Destroyer
Super Star Destroyer
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