Strike-class Medium Cruiser

Loronar Corporation's Strike-class Medium Cruiser is among the most successful of the recent generation of Imperial warships. As the transition to the New Order prompted a change in the Starfleet's role from handling the large-scale engagements of the Clone Wars to suppressing insurgent activity on a system-by-system basis, the need for smaller, less expensive starships became clear. While other contemporary designs such as the Lancer and Nebulon-B frigates are responses to the Rebels' reliance on starfighters, the highly adaptable Strike-class design has stepped in to fulfill a host of other duties normally performed by much larger vessels.

Perhaps the most valuable role this ship performs, and consequently the most ubiquitous configuration, is that of a fighter carrier. The impressive amount of space available in the cruiser's main bay allows for two full squadrons to be deployed, though the number of sorties that can be flown before a resupply will become necessary is somewhat limited by the lack of facilities found on larger or more dedicated ships. Another common use for this class is as a cargo hauler for commodities deemed too valuable to risk in unarmed bulk freighters. Conversion to a ground assault configuration is also relatively painless, as compatibility with common landing barges and mobile garrison equipment was demanded by the Army and Stormtrooper Corps from the beginning of the program.

All the tactical flexibility afforded by this design does not come without its drawbacks, as the basic shell superstructure is substantially more vulnerable than that of other comparably sized warships. Though the Strike-class' weapons and shields make it more than a match for any frigate or light cruiser, the basic fragility of the hull means that these vessels are vulnerable to bomber attack and can play only a supporting role in fleet engagements.

Strike-class Medium Cruiser
Strike Cruiser
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