TIE/rc Fighter

An inconspicuous but vital component of the standard Imperial fighter wing, the TIE/rc variant is the most prominent sublight reconnaissance craft of the Galactic Civil War. Though the Empire makes extensive use of dedicated scout ships, those craft are built for maximum speed in hyperspace and tend to carry massive and expensive sensor equipment. Consequently, they are not suitable for deployment in or near a combat zone as they would be easy pickings for even the most humble snubfighter.

By contrast, the TIE/rc is both battle worthy and extremely cheap. Built on the same frame as the standard fighter, the rc replaces one laser cannon with a powerful Fabritech sensor node and distributes its antennas along the spokes of the wing radiator panels. While the number of TIE/rcs kept on hand varies from wing to wing (older Star Destroyers tend to have greater need of them), the class is always available when needed as the TIE/ln can actually be converted in the field with only marginal losses in sensor accuracy when compared to a factory model.

In battle, one or more groups of TIE/rcs are typically sent into flanking positions around critical targets. Though the electronic warfare capabilities of a capital ship can interfere with the sensors of even newer Imperial Star Destroyers, all but the most powerful jamming is useless when large TIE/rc formations work together with the mother ship to triangulate her targets.

TIE/rc Fighter
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