N-1 Starfighter

An example of the renowned Nubian Design Collective’s fusion of elegant aesthetics with high performance, the N-1 Starfighter is counted among the finest pre-Clone Wars interceptors. Commissioned by the Government of the Mid-Rim world of Naboo, the design was first produced on site in extremely limited numbers for the Royal Naboo Starfighter Corps. After proving its worth in a series of high profile engagements, the N-1 found customers on a number of wealthy worlds, especially in the Core.Though too expensive for the Republic to consider for true mass production, the fact that the fighter was still being built at the outbreak of the Clone Wars meant that substantial orders were placed in the initial scramble for hardware. As a high maintenance fighter not designed for carrier deployment, the N-1 was assigned to planetary bases and quickly shuffled into reserve and training roles when cheaper and more flexible fighters became available. The Empire wanted nothing to do with the N-1 following the wars, but many were retained by planetary defense forces where they continue to serve in ceremonial roles or as police interceptors. Others were bought up by private collectors and museums, but a substantial fraction of N-1s have found their way into the hands of rebel and mercenary forces.Housing the type of expensive high end hardware found in all Nubian designs, the N-1 boasts excellent speed without sacrificing multi role functionality. Though its shields and armor are unimpressive by post-Clone Wars standards, it carries a true proton torpedo launcher (a rarity among interceptors) and the relatively weak primary armament found in the original model can easily be replaced with a more modern weapon such as Sienar Fleet Systems’ ultra efficient L-s1 laser cannons, making the N-1 an estimable opponent for all but the most advanced starfighters.

N-1 Starfighter
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