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TIE/ln Fighter

The most common starfighter in the Galaxy, the TIE/ln is an extremely potent weapon in the hands of an experienced pilot. At the heart of this ship is the P-s4 twin ion engine, an upgraded and refined version of Raith Sienar's original SIE-TIE concept design. This engine contains no moving parts, and its ease of use gives the TIE/ln the best maintenance-to-flight time ratio of any modern mass-production fighter.

Where earlier models had their engines, L-s1 cannons, and radiator panels directly integrated to improve efficiency, the TIE/ln keeps these components as separate as possible. This decision has produced great returns for the Empire as later ships (such as the TIE Interceptor) have achieved significant parts compatibility with the base model. Improved L-s7.2 cannons have replaced the L-s1 as the new standard across the fleet, and the TIE/ln ball cockpit is now shared by numerous variants, a fact that should help keep the series at the forefront of starfighter development for years to come.

TIE/ln Fighter
6 m
Gun Mounts
Missile Banks
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