Home One type Star Cruiser

By the time of the Clone Wars, the Mon Cal had built up a reputation as excellent explorers, famed for pushing deep into the unknown regions and wild space on multi-year journeys. The keys to their success were their unique ships, individually tailored to a specific mission profile and crew through a constantly evolving design process. After the establishment of the Empire, the Mon Cal were tolerated due to the Emperor's insatiable hunger for new territory, but their place in the overtly racist new order was abundantly clear.

Seeing the tide turn against them, the Mon Cal master shipwrights began work on the MC80 generation. These ships were superficially similar to the exploration and passenger vessels that had come before, but underneath the skin, they were completely reinvented. Vulnerable subsystems were inconspicuously hidden behind storage blisters that could easily be armored, power conduits were redirected so that turbolaser batteries could be mounted to the hull with minimal work, and hangar decks were redesigned from the ground up to quickly rearm and repair full fighter wings. The Mon Cal species' aquatic background was evidenced not only in the flowing lines of their ships, but also in the three-dimensional thinking that informed their design principles. In contrast to the rigid formations and offensive focus developed by the Imperial Starfleet during the wars, the MC80s were capable of omnidirectional force projection that could shift unpredictably, moving like a school of fish to maximize the effect of their advanced rotating and overlapping shields.

The crown jewel of the MC80 generation was the Home One type, a group of ships that promised to push the boundaries of known space in a way that had not been dreamed of since the disappearance of Outbound Flight. These ships, almost four kilometers in length, would enable journeys decades in length and were capable of single handedly charting entire new sectors. It came as a rude awakening for the Empire when they began to disappear from their intended duties and reappear at the forefront of Rebel fleet groups. For one thing, these vessels meant that for the first time the Alliance could challenge non-trivial elements of the Imperial Starfleet head-on. More importantly though, their presence allowed people to believe that non-human forces could take a leading role in the struggle against the Empire, and that those who struggled actually had a chance.

Home One type Star Cruiser
Home One
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