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Modified YT-1300 Freighter

One of the most infamous vessels of the Galactic Civil War, the Millennium Falcon has spirited Senators, Rebel Leaders, and Jedi Knights through the most perilous moments of the conflict. Present during many critical battles, the Falcon excels in combat and has proven itself able to evade capture against seemingly insurmountable odds.

At first glance, the vessel is difficult to distinguish from a standard YT-1300 freighter. However, beneath its beaten exterior lies a ship of uncommon capabilities. Though nearly every component in the ship has been modified or replaced multiple times throughout her storied career, the real secret to her success is her uniquely configured hyperdrive. This system, though temperamental, makes use of a set of mutually interdependent modifications that, when functioning properly, result in unparalleled speed.

Modified YT-1300 Freighter
35 m
Missile Banks
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