E-wing Escort Starfighter

The first dedicated space superiority craft developed for the New Republic military, FreiTek's E-wing is a balanced and powerful fighter. Introduced several years after the Battle of Endor, the E-wing experienced more than its share of teething problems, as the initial design was built around the R7 astromech droid, an advanced custom-built unit which brought a host of its own glitches along with it. As a result, many squadrons were hesitant to adopt, and the E-wing never completely replaced Incom's often-upgraded T-65 X-wing in the New Republic fleet. Those elite squadrons which did make the transition, however, have found that under ideal circumstances, the newer fighter can outperform its predecessor in most respects.

Boasting advanced shields, a compact frame, and excellent speed, the E-wing earns high marks for survivability. Though its streamlined reactor systems do not support the same type of sheer primary firepower possessed by the X-wing, the E-wing's three KX-9 cannons can sustain their fire for longer bursts when configured to the most efficient energy settings. The miniaturization and integration of navigational hardware into the R7 droid have also made space for a larger torpedo bank, increasing the fighter's potency against capital ships, though it sacrifices the redundancy and greater punch of dual launch tubes to achieve this. As a first foray into designing a new multi-role fighter from the ground up, the E-wing effectively symbolizes the Alliance's transition from a rogue political entity into the standing Galactic government.

E-wing Escort Starfighter
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