Cloakshape Fighter

The most enduring product of the short lived Kuat Systems Engineering brand, the Cloakshape Fighter has been used across the galaxy since long before the days of the Clone Wars. As a direct competitor to Incom's Z-95 Headhunter, the Cloakshape's performance has always been considered to be somewhat unspectacular, comparing favorably only in durability, secondary payload, and atmospheric flight characteristics. The secret to this fighter's success is its combination of low cost and high survivability. Though sluggish for a dedicated fighter, heavy armor around the fuel supply and excellent internal isolation between systems make the Cloakshape far less likely to vaporize when critically damaged, giving the pilot time to escape and often making it possible to salvage a surprising number of components from ships that have been literally shot to pieces.

Thanks to these advantages, the Cloakshape has become the preferred craft for a significant number of mercenary and pirate groups, especially in the rim territories. While well funded and organized militaries generally use the best combat craft available (as the Republic did when it chose the Z-95 over the Cloakshape), groups that cannot afford to invest in extensive training for their pilots can field these craft in large numbers and trust that a substantial fraction of the pilots who are shot down will live to learn from the experience, and likewise that many of the ship hulls will not be complete losses either. This swim-or-sink philosophy pervades the subculture that has arisen around the Cloakshape, and the impressive number of renowned fighter jocks who began their careers in 'Shapes' is a testament to their great utility.

Cloakshape Fighter
22 m
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