Carrack-class Light Cruiser

First deployed in the latter years of the Old Republic, the Carrack-class light cruiser is now a common sight in Imperial fleets. Boasting impressive speed and a heavy armament for its three hundred and fifty meter length, this vessel is prized for its versatility and relatively low cost. Often fielded in squadrons, groups of Carracks have been known to outmaneuver and bring down ships several times larger than themselves.

Originally, the Carrack was intended to serve as an escort for the superficially similar Dreadnaught-class heavy cruisers, a role it performed admirably in during the Clone Wars, but the asymmetrical combat tactics of the Galactic Civil War have lessened the importance of maintaining large capital ship formations for massed engagements. Though the Carrack is a match for most ships the Rebel Alliance can field, it is unfortunately small enough to be vulnerable to hit and run attacks from bomber squadrons. Lacking an internal fighter bay, external docking racks have been added which allow up to four TIE type craft to be transported, but this has proved to be an inadequate defense. As a consequence of this development, Carracks are typically deployed in pairs and tasked with patrolling remote, low activity systems where they do not have to operate in a defensive role.

Steady deliveries from Damorian Manufacturing Corporation coupled with limited losses have resulted in the Carrack becoming one of the more numerous Imperial cruisers, particularly in the Outer Rim territories. Current military thinking has proposed that in the event of a major fleet action, Carracks will act as ideal fast skirmishers roving ahead the main battle lines, probing enemy formations for weaknesses and attempting to draw out bomber squadrons.

Carrack-class Light Cruiser