CR90 Corvette

At one hundred and fifty meters in length, Corellian Engineering Corporation's CR90 is one of the most popular small starship designs in the Galaxy. Although introduced over thirty years before the Clone Wars, these vessels still see frequent use in the Galactic Civil War in escort, transport, support, and fleet combat roles. Perhaps most famously, they have earned a reputation for punching through hostile formations, to the point where the class is actually better known as the Blockade Runner. It's success in this role is based on the ship's impressive array of eleven Girodyne Ter58 ion turbine engines, massive thrusters that give the corvette a maximum speed matched by only the fastest capital ships.

Users of the CR90 have included members of the Galactic Senate, the Rebel Alliance, private corporations, pirate and mercenary factions, and their largest purchaser, the Imperial Starfleet--the ship's wild success in attracting both civilian buyers and military contracts is the envy of Kuat Drive Yards and Sienar Fleet Systems. Unfortunately, the design's ubiquity also makes it an easy target to plan around. Although powerful Taim & Bak H9 dual turbolaser emplacements on the dorsal and ventral mounts make it a serious threat to anything smaller than a light cruiser, even a single starfighter can deal significant damage to a ship of this class if equipped with proton torpedoes. The vessel has several well known weaknesses, in particular a large blind spot in the rear arc and the Mason-Branger 7085 main reactor's fragility. These factors limit the CR90's utility in battle, but squadrons of these vessels can be effective against larger ships when employing quickly rotating formations that can control the exposure of damaged shield quadrants to the enemy.

CR90 Corvette
Blockade Runner
150 m
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