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B-wing Starfighter

Slayn & Korpil's B-wing starfighter is a heavily armed and armored assault platform developed during the Galactic Civil War by the Rebel Alliance. Designed as part of the top-secret Project Shantipole by then-Commander Ackbar and a team of Verpine engineers, the B-wing was a response to the Empire's increased deployment of the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates and other anti-starfighter vessels that were emerging at the time.

Although it was intended to completely replace the aging Y-wing, the B-wing's adoption was slowed both by cost considerations and the difficulty that many pilots had in mastering the craft's unusual design and rotating cockpit module. In spite of these drawbacks, the B-wing has proven itself to be a true powerhouse against capital ships--with each fighter carrying three shield-breaking ion cannons, large torpedo banks, and a powerful heavy laser cannon, a squadron of B-wings can drive off or destroy targets as large as Imperial frigates.

Though less capable in a dogfight, the presence of twin auto blasters in the cockpit mount allows the B-wing to defend itself until help arrives or a hyperspace vector can be calculated.

B-wing Starfighter
17 m
Gun Mounts
Missile Banks