As many of you surely noticed, this website was offline for several weeks. The hosting service we were using was acquired by a new company, which created some billing problems that unfortunately led to the server being shut off and deleted. Thanks to the valiant efforts of some engineers at the new hosting company, they were able to restore everything and have assured us that the original issues that caused this cascade of failures has been fixed. I apologize for the outage and any inconvenience it has caused, and as we ramp things up for a first public release, are doing everything we can to make sure we have a smooth and pleasant experience for everyone.

That's right, loyal readers, we're still alive! In fact, we have been working hard behind the scenes to incorporate new features and simultaneously fixing bugs.

Bobbtmann has made some great progress on the Nebulon-B, which now has completed textures and will soon be ready to be brought into the game. This was one of the last ships from the original Star Wars trilogy that we didn't have, and fills an important role in the Rebel fleet.


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