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BTL-A4 Y-wing

Koensayr Manufacturing's BTL Y-wing series is the backbone of the Alliance's fighter force. While early two-man fighter bombers from this family of craft were first seen in Republic service during the Clone Wars, it is the one-man A4 model which does most of the heavy lifting in the Galactic Civil War. Carrying eight proton torpedoes and ion cannons that are the key component of the rebels' capture missions, the Y-wing is what has made the rebellion so successful in commerce raiding, a critical source of income in its early years.

XQ1 Platform

Though less popular than their later models, Bengel Shipbulders' XQ1 space station established the standards of efficient systems configuration and modular construction that the XQ series is known for. The XQ1 lacks some of the adaptability of its larger descendants, having limited hangar facilities and less efficient means of transferring cargo within the station.

Rayter-class Transport

The Rayter-class transport is a successful specialist freighter introduced by TransGalMeg Industries shortly after the end of the Clone Wars. Unlike the Xiytair-class, which competes in the overcrowded bulk cargo field, the Rayter only moves hazardous or sensitive materials which require specific pressure or temperature conditions. Configurable for supercooling with an optional upgrade package, the Rayter can safely carry four times as much Tibanna Gas per cubic meter when compared to conventional transports, and up to ten times as much Hypermatter.


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