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B-wing Starfighter

Slayn & Korpil's B-wing starfighter is a heavily armed and armored assault platform developed during the Galactic Civil War by the Rebel Alliance. Designed as part of the top-secret Project Shantipole by then-Commander Ackbar and a team of Verpine engineers, the B-wing was a response to the Empire's increased deployment of the EF76 Nebulon-B escort frigates and other anti-starfighter vessels that were emerging at the time.

BTL-A4 Y-wing

Koensayr Manufacturing's BTL Y-wing series is the backbone of the Alliance's fighter force. While early two-man fighter bombers from this family of craft were first seen in Republic service during the Clone Wars, it is the one-man A4 model which does most of the heavy lifting in the Galactic Civil War. Carrying eight proton torpedoes and ion cannons that are the key component of the rebels' capture missions, the Y-wing is what has made the rebellion so successful in commerce raiding, a critical source of income in its early years.

Lambda-class T-4a shuttle

Sienar Fleet Systems' Lambda Shuttle is the Empire's workhorse light utility transport. Well armed, armored, and shielded, this vessel is capable of carrying its crew of six officers plus eighty tons of cargo or over twenty battle-ready troops through a combat zone with minimal or no escort. Another advantage possessed by this shuttle is a high end hyperdrive, making it faster than even some of the Empire's older capital ships.


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