We're adding a number of new screenshots showcasing in-game gameplay. Enjoy!

I wanted to announce this in a video trailer, but as that got delayed a bit news has snuck out in the forums so I'm posting it again here.  The Imperial Star Destroyer (ISD-II) has been completed and is in-game in all its glory and majesty.  The model was completed by Brand-X and textured by Zookeeper, and their hard work has paid off on an absolutely incredible model.  See the Screenshots gallary for a few more pictures.

While some of you may have noticed a new feature that we've been implementing on the website for some time, I'm happy to officially announce our new Starship Database! We've pulled a very large amount of data directly from the game to show you 3d models, ship statistics, and descriptions and background information for each ship that is currently in-game. You can also view lists of ships by various categories, such as rebel, starfighter, etc. Go take a look, and enjoy this small preview bringing us one step closer to a public launch!


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