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T-65c X-wing

The Incom T-65 X-wing fighter is the Alliance's primary space superiority platform. Originally planned for the Imperial starfleet as a replacement for the venerable Z-95 Headhunter, this fighter was delivered to the Rebellion near the start of the Galactic Civil War when the entire design team defected, bringing the prototype fighters along with them.

Immediately familiar to pilots of the Z-95 and other popular Incom models such as the T-16 airspeeder, the fighter soon became the weapon of choice for most units, supplanting the Headhunter (and to a lesser extent the Y-wing) within the Alliance military. With strong shields and armor, good speed and maneuverability, and the ability to threaten starships with its six proton torpedoes, the T-65 performs well in any role that does not require specialized equipment such as ion cannons.

Although its versatility is the reason the ship has been taken to so readily, the true secrets to the X-wing's success are its extraordinary powerful primary armament--four KX9 laser cannons put the fighter in a class all its own in the space superiority role.

T-65c X-wing
13 m
Gun Mounts
Missile Banks
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